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Located in Sydney Australia, Global Trade & Marketing Pty. Ltd. (GTM) was conceived from a vision to conduct global business on a local level and is today the parent company of the GTM group.

“GTM, doing it Locally, Globally”

Initially established in 2003 trading construction chemicals, the GTM Group has grown far beyond those humble beginnings but still maintains that one on one personal service in each country of operation.

Today the GTM group is involved in a wide variety of industries, traded products, manufacturing and innovative technologies across more than 30 countries.


  • Core business areas include:
  • Construction Chemicals, Products and Technologies
  • Agricultural Products and Technologies
  • Detergent and Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals (API's)
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Communications
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Animal Feed
  • Enzymes  


Main Divisions / Product Groups within GTM

   Parent company as well as chemical trading Division




 Agricultural Products and Technologies

GeoSal is a Main Product Group within AgriCare Division.

World leading Soil De-Salination technology and products.



Construction Products and Technologies 



GeoStab is one of the Main Product Groups within ConStruk division.

World leading Soil Stabilisation technology and products.



Magnus is one of the Main Product Groups within ConStruk division.

World leading Concrete Admixture technology and products.



GTM-NSF is one of the Main Product Groups within ConStruk division.

World leading Naphthalene Sulphonate technology and products.

GTM-HYPLAS is one of the Main Product Groups within ConStruk division.

World leading Polycarboxylate technology admixtures and products.


Communication Products and Technologies



T@LK is one of the Main Product Groups within GlobalComms Division

 World leading VoIP IP PBX Phone systems.


Health Products and Technologies




Featured Products and Technologies

  • geosal - the solution against soil salinity rev 1_page_01.png
  • geosal.png
  • GeoStab - Advanced Technology for Cost Effective Manufacture hq_Page_01.jpg
  • GeoStab - Soil Stabilization Takes a Quantum Leap - final_Page_01.jpg
  • GeoStab - The Road Recycled - final_Page_01.jpg
  • Ready Reckoner 2010 final hq.jpg
  • T@lk IPLink PBXDrawingV2 small.png